5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer…

…instead of enlisting a random friend that will do it for free/cheap. Are you ready for a truth bomb? Here it is. Your friend may be talented, do it for free and have a passion for it, but they can not give you the same value that a professional can give. 1. A professional knows […]

Finding Your Personal Style

Personal style can mean very different things to different people. For me, when you find your personal style you feel confident and maybe even a little cool. So how do you go about finding your personal style? But it isn’t all about being cool. The items you choose to wear also say a lot about […]

Teens: Taking Control of Your Confidence

Life is ten percent WHAT you experience and ninety percent HOW you respond to it. Lou Holtz The life of a teenager is full of daily uncertainty and stress.  From school pressure, friend pressure, parental pressure, and maybe even pressure from an after school job, it can be hard to manage without confidence.   Don’t […]

Selfie Tips on Vacation (or whenever really)

If your selfies look more like the first one, keep reading. I was on a staycation in a hotel near the Mall of America with the other women in my family and it dawned on me. This is the perfect opportunity to make a tutorial for all of you, since hotel windows tend have the […]

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