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If your selfies look more like the first one, keep reading. I was on a staycation in a hotel near the Mall of America with the other women in my family and it dawned on me. This is the perfect opportunity to make a tutorial for all of you, since hotel windows tend have the best light for selfies. It’s true! With Winter Break so close and Spring Break following closely after, today I am going to present you with my best tips to get amazing selfies while you are on vacation, or whenever really…

Tip 1: Find The Window Light

Stand in front of the hotel window, looking outside. Close the diffusion panels all the way and leave the room darkening panels all the way open. This creates a nice soft light that fills in dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and makes eyes glow.

The first image was taken in the hotel bathroom. While some bathrooms have amazing light (think lights that go all the way around the mirror), this one had terrible light. Notice the unnatural color cast, how it accentuates my dark eye circles & created shiny spots on my skin? All that makes me look older and more tired.

Tip 2: Hold Camera Position At Eye Level

Hold your phone’s camera at eye level or slightly higher.

I often see selfies taken at a low camera angle. This is a very unflattering position because at best we are basically looking up your nose and at the underside of your chin. At worst you will give yourself an artificial double chin as you squish your chin downward!

Tip 3: Chin Forward & Relaxed Expression

I tell all of my clients to move their chin/nose forward slightly from their neck. I know this sounds weird, BUT it is just a small movement with the purpose to create more definition in your jaw line (avoiding a double chin effect). Then relax your face completely, take a deep breath and start with a small smile. Work your way up to a larger smile slowly in order to keep you from holding tension in your mouth. Take a few selfies as you work your way through each expression. The goal is to capture a natural smile.

Tip 4: Clean Up Background

Pay attention to what is behind you. Because if there are piles of clothes, an unmade bed, food wrappers etc… it is just visual clutter that takes away from you, the subject! Tidy them up or move them out of frame.

Tip 5: Makeup (optional)

I saved this one for last because I don’t think it is totally necessary. Minimally, I use a light application of foundation to help to even out my skin tone and I will use eye liner & mascara to accentuate my eyes. That is all the makeup I used in the second selfie above.

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