5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Photographer…


…instead of enlisting a random friend that will do it for free/cheap.

Are you ready for a truth bomb? Here it is. Your friend may be talented, do it for free and have a passion for it, but they can not give you the same value that a professional can give.

1. A professional knows that it isn’t just about snapping some pictures.

Firstly, and most importantly: a professional photo session is an experience. Especially for a milestone such as HS Senior sessions or Maternity sessions for example. With the availability and quality of camera’s now days, anyone can take a picture. In fact, I would encourage you take tons of pictures every day. Create family albums that can be shared and passed on for generations. Capture those fleeting everyday moments. The reason you hire me is very different than those snapshots. Hire me because you want to treasure a special moment or milestone. You want something that can be looked back on in 20 years and remember how special it was.

You want someone that already understands how to find the most flattering light and posing. All while being able to connect with you to get natural expressions. The artwork we create is what you will look back on in 20+ years and remember that time in your life. Professionals have access to the best printing labs for archival heirlooms and accurate photo reproduction. If you remember nothing else, remember this: the experience with your photographer, whether negative or positive, WILL effect how you remember the special moment. A bad experience with a photographer, will taint your memories of the special event. A wonderful experience will add to it.

2. A professional has a contract that outlines what is expected of them. And you.

That dreaded word, contract. But truly, if they DON’T have a contract, you should be more afraid. What happens if you pay a photographer and they have to cancel, or you have to cancel? What is their reschedule policy, what is their timeline for delivery, what is all included in the session fee? These are only a few important questions that should be answered BEFORE the session even starts. There should be a clear understanding between both parties about expectations. Communication is so important!

3. If you are unhappy with something, a professional will strive to make it right.

After all, our clients are everything to us! Our business and livelihood is dependent on customer service and referrals.

4. We want you to look and feel your best…

…so we help with wardrobe, styling and offer hair and makeup services.

Not all professionals offer the same services. But I know for a fact that a random friend won’t hire you a hair and makeup artist and help with clothing & styling. They don’t have the experience necessary to know how to select the right lighting and background/backdrop in order to tie it all together.

5. A professional has invested time in training, education and equipment in order to serve you for life.

Mastering a craft takes time, practice and perseverance. As a professional, we’ve already been through early learning curve, trial and errors, bad editing and undervaluing what we do. We now have a clear focus. We want to be around in 50 years, doing what we love! But most importantly we want to create a long lasting relationship with our clients. What I love most is seeing your family grow and change. Being able to be a part of your joys and celebrations is so rewarding to me. When I create something special like a multi-generation portrait, which you will treasure once the older generation has left this earth, it is priceless. Professionals value portraits so much so that we invest in our future in order to serve you better.

Consider hiring a professional photographer. While it isn’t cheap or free, you get so much in return. Incredible value for your time, money and precious memories.


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