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Your Custom Portrait Experience


Initial Consultation

Fill out the contact form below or give me a call. This complimentary consultation is for you to learn more about the process and for me to learn more about YOU and how I can best showcase your uniqueness.

Welcome Packet

After booking, you will receive your Welcome Packet.  It has all of the information you need to prepare for your portrait session; including style advice, beauty tips and planning tools.

Hair Styling

Our goal is to make it easy for you. On the day of your photoshoot, all you need to do is show up with clean, dry hair. Our hair stylist will add volume, shape and flyaway control to your lovely locks.

Makeup Application

Day to day makeup is very different than camera ready makeup.  Our artists are experienced in techniques for flawless skin, as natural or as glam as you want to be.  Eyelash application and airbrush foundation is included.

Wardrobe Styling

Bring in your favorite clothes and we will go through them all and design each look together. Whether you pull items from your closet, buy new or borrow items from my studio wardrobe, you will look amazing. I will make sure of that!

Guided Photoshoot

Alissa will guide you through a series of natural poses and expressions to find your best angles. More than anything, she wants you to have fun, feel relaxed and to see how beautiful you really are.

Multiple Looks

Your session includes photographing you in as many outfits as time allows. Each outfit you wear will have a backdrop and lighting setup specifically chosen to compliment you perfectly. Clothing is a great way to express many facets of your personality!

Professional Retouching

Every image you purchase is professionally retouched as if you will be on the cover of a magazine. Alissa’s style of editing is about enhancing your beauty, not changing how you look.

Prints & Digital Files

At Alissa Coddington Portrait, we value LEGACY, which is why we offer the finest artwork, handmade in Italy. No worries though, all artwork comes with the matching size digital copy.

Same Day Ordering Appointment

✴New✴ Same day ordering appointments are now available. No more waiting to see your images and make your selections. A few hours after your portrait session, we will meet again for your image reveal and ordering appointment.

Custom Artwork

All we need is a snapshot of your walls and we can custom design your Wall Art to fit your space. We also custom design albums, cards & magazines.

alissacoddingtonlargeweb iaatoned
alissacoddingtonlargeweb iaatoned

The Products

acpwall art front backacpwall art front back

Wall Art, Folio Box or an Album.  Which are you most drawn to?  How do you want to see your images in 10-20 years?  Your heirloom artwork can be purchased à la carte or in our signature Haute Couture Collection.

Do you know anyone that has ever lost digital files?  USB drives can become corrupt or are forgotten in a drawer.  Will you have access to your loved ones phone and cloud passwords in order to access your family photos?  Hard drives fail and social media images get lost in the daily scroll.

Your family is your greatest work of art and should be seen every day in print, in your home and passed down to future generations.

The value of your portraits will only increase as time goes on, especially for the ones that love you most.

  • "Alissa is amazing!  She is very professional and made me feel so comfortable during our session.  And my portraits turned out beautiful!  It was hard to choose a favorite!"

    Amanda Anderson Woodbury, MN
  • "She {Alissa} makes you feel so amazing when shooting, you feel like a supermodel!"

    Rachel O. High School Senior
  • "Alissa is a warm, kind and loving person.  If you want the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself, then Alissa is your photographer."

    Marvette Washington Woodbury, MN

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  • Alissa Coddington
    Alissa Coddington Photographer

At Alissa Coddington Portrait (ACP) we strive to create an unforgettable experience for you, lasting memories and beautiful portraits that will last many lifetimes.  We invite you to fall in love with yourself, in print.

Alissa is an artist and portrait photographer, located in Woodbury, MN.  Her greatest joy is the process of creating, which encompasses all of her interests and hobbies such as art, photography, dance and visual storytelling.  She is a 2005 graduate from MSU-Moorhead, and holds a B.A. degree in Art-Photography.

Fill out the contact form today to start the conversation of how, why and with whom you would like to be photographed!

My Mission

To reveal the artistry in our humanity, to immortalize your legacy and to capture each persons unique beauty in print.

“Digital is great, but really truly not archival. If you think about it, we have generations of kids photographed every day, but will they ever see those photos?”

-Alissa Coddington

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